This video shows the process we follow to produce our wines, step by step, since the grapes arrive at the cellar until we bottle and label the wine.

However if you are a wine enthusiast, come and visit us in El Pujio cellar.




                The main characteristics of our wines are its color, aroma and good aging. This is thanks to the properties that the grape skin transfers to the liquid during the maceration.


01_Grapes reception 02_Selection table 03_Grape destemming and crushing 04_Barrelling
05_Alcoholic fermentation and maceration 06_Pumping 07_Devatting 08_Pressing
09_Malolactic fermentation 10_Barrel-aging and bottle-aging 11_Filtered and stabilized 12_Bottling and corking
12+1_Packaging and labeling  

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