Our cellar was founded in 2002 and it is located in El Pujio Estate, inside the municipality of Puente Genil (Córdoba).

It is built on a rocky hill from which we can see the Anzur River and the muslim watchtower with the same name (Castillo Anzur).

It has an andalusian style with a huge central courtyard that acts like a focal point.

The begining of a tradition...

El Pujio cellar was born thanks to the passion of Mr. Agustín Reina Galán about the world of wine, which made him start an exciting project where new family generations are joining.


Our cellar was built on a rocky hill in 2002 and it has an andalusian style. The building has several warehouses gathered around a central courtyard which acts like a focal point. The cellar has different spaces whose aim is to be used for the wine elaboration process:  Processing room, barrel room, bottle aging room, laboratory and tasting room.

All our facilities can be visited with a tour where the tourist can taste our wines and enjoy his first tasting with a winemaker.

The building Processing room Barrel room Laboratory

It was built in 2002 and it has an andalusian style. Also it is surrounded by vineyards and olive groves.


We have the most modern technology to produce our wine in addition to the most qualified staff.


There are two barrel rooms for the wine aging that can be visited inside the tour.


The grapes and the wine are meticulously analyzed in our own laboratory during the process of wine elaboration.

Bottling room Bottel-aging room Barrel-aging room Tasting room

Here we look after carefully the bottling and the labeling of our wines.


In this room the bottles mature for eight months at least, until they are ready to be sold.


In this room the wine ferments inside American and French oak barrels, before it is bottled.


Here our winemakers made wine tastings to check the wine quality. Also this is the place where we offer the wine tasting course.




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